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TALKS: "Commercial Value vs. Content: Is there a Severable Balance?"
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I appreciate your being here. This has been a great conference. Although I miss the snakes and the Voodoo ritual from the opening ceremony at New Orleans a few years ago. Anna, if you have any snakes in this program. Just let me know ahead of time. Michael Forgot to tell me.
1.(snake at GAS*
I'm happy to say that I am from the first state in the support of visual arts in this country. It is a real treat to be even 5 hours drive from New York City so much goes on thereā€¦2. Richard Serra


Thank you to Anna Booth and the GAS board for giving me this opportunity. I'm sure many of you know this is a very important group to me as an artist and educator - 3. Marvin, Dan, Sylvia, Audrey, Jon Clark, Henry and Me * I was a charter member of GAS attending the first meeting after the 1971 NCEA meeting in Toronto, and I served on the Board for a number of years. My understanding of the current focus of the GAS leads me into the topic of my discussion...


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